Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is Toby.

I was looking for a companion in March of 1998 at the Jackson County, Illinois Humane Society .

I met Toby but thought he was too big. I came back a week later and they told me that though they were "no kill" he was running out of time because he was being kept in a run by himself, due to his habit of knocking down other dogs and sitting on them. I could tell he was not mean...and he was the only dog that did not jump or bark ..he just sat and looked me in the eye I thought big or not he was coming home.

He has lived with me since then in a large fenced back yard with a dog door into the house. Toby is an amazingly well behaved dog and is gentle and friendly with people. You could not ask for a better companion. Due to his size and appearance he is also a good watchdog.
Who would risk a tussle with him...? But he would not hurt anyone. I have seen him carry possums around the yard and turn them loose and follow them as they amble away.

Last fall he was diagnosed with diabetes and while we were stabilizing the insulin regimen cataracts formed and he became blind. Dr. Ben Johnson of St Louis removed the cataracts the end of January this year. The picture
[on table] is the day the post surgery cone came off Toby's neck.

He is about 13 years old now and I don't know how much longer he has ...but he can see and is still happy and enjoys his back yard and keeping me company.

The dna test said he is:
  • Level 2: Boxer
  • Level 2: Chow Chow
It is a really good combination. There is a dog in Spain called a Ca De Bo ( a small mastiff ) which looks very much like Toby but is rare in the U.S.

Carbondale, Illinois

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