Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Three Dogs


The gray dog is Bella and the black dog is Coal. We got them 2 yrs ago from what we thought was a breeder but turned out to be a puppy mill. Bella has a lot of health problems from the puppy mill but Coal does not and he and her were suppose to be brother and sister as you can see they are not.

ChiChi is the tan. We pulled her out by her tail from under a cave in 2004 and was my dad's baby before he died in 2004.

Level 2: Schnauzer
Level 4: Poodle
Level 4: Maltese
Level 4: Boston Terrier

Level 2: Schnauzer
Level 4: Beagle
Level 4: Poodle
Level 5: German Shorthaired Pointer
Level 5: Keeshond

Level 3: Akita
Level 3: Pug
Level 4: Belgian Tervuren
Level 4: Chow Chow
Level 4: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Jackson, KY

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi Happy Dog DNA! I wanted to email you guys with the results of my dog's, Lulabelle, DNA.

My friend, my running buddy, my confidante...

We found our Lulabelle at a Central California SPCA adoption center. We had been searching for months for a pup that would be a good match for our family. I saw her picture on their website so we went to meet her. It was love at first sight. Her sweet brown eyes and wonderful demeanor with my young son sealed the deal and she went home with us that night. I found out that she is extremely intelligent, she has been a dream to train. As she started to put on some weight and widen out, I began to wonder what kind of breeds she is. The SPCA had her listed as a Lab/Hound mix, but our vet thought she might be a Pitt Bull/Lab mix. I knew that whatever she is, it wouldn't make me love her any less, but curiosity finally got the best of me. After much anticipation, her "ancestry" turned out to be;
  • Level 3 Saluki
  • Level 4 Bichon Frise
  • Level 4 Border Collie
  • Level 4 Irish Setter
  • Level 4 Papillon
  • Level 4 Poodle
I was floored when I read this! She really doesn't seem to have many traits of any one of the above mentioned breeds, not to mention her extremely short hair and coloring in comparison to them. She does have the speed of a Saluki and/or a Border Collie. She could play ball all day long and likes to get in the water at the lake. Thanks! :-)

The Smith Family
Oakhurst, CA

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I rescued Pnut from a neglected home and never knew what breeds he was. By his face, tail and fur we always thought he was yellow lab and pomerainian. The DNA results were completley opposite. At first I thought they were incorrect and switched with another dog, but after reading the traits of the breeds, they were right on!
  • Poodle Level 3
  • Bichon Frise Level 3
  • Doberman Pinscher Level 4
  • Border Collie Level 4
  • Basset Hound Level 4
  • Schnauzer Level 5
  • Pekingese Level 5
McHenry, IL

We at sometimes get emails from customers whose dogs only have a couple of breeds in the mix which makes them look like they are mostly one specific breed or maybe a mix of two breeds. Toffee is a great example of this. But more often we receive emails from owners of dogs that are very mixed with five or more breeds which means the dominant visual characteristics are not obvious at all but sometimes the personality traits come shining through.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hi -

We recently received your results for our dog…we were definitely surprised by them!
Anyhow…here is Weesach's story for your blogspot and some photos. The first at 1 month, then 4 months and now at 8 months.

My husband and I were house/horse sitting for some neighbors this summer and through some trees we heard what we thought was a dog getting hit by a car on the road. After checking the situation out, we found the most adorable little puppy hiding in the overgrowth and realized that she had literally been tossed out of a window by some horrible, horrible person. Her foot was broken and she was was only a month old... maybe younger. It happened to be my birthday that day so my husband picked her up out of the ditch and handed her to me saying "happy birthday"! Turned out to be a perfect gift!

The vets had been calling her a pit bull/lab cross. She is 8 months old now and has stayed pretty small, although solid and weighs in at 40 pounds! Anyhow, we were certainly surprised at her results which were as follows:
  • Level 3 - Schnauzer
  • Level 4 - Boston Terrier
  • Level 4 - Bull Terrier
  • Level 4 - Poodle
  • Level 4 - Rottweiler
  • Level 4 - Saint Bernard (This one threw us for a loop!)
She has been such a treat and spends most of her day playing with one of our donkeys who loves her….who would have thought since the donkeys are supposed to keep dogs away?! :-)

Thanks again...
Kathy and Martin

Hempstead, TX

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Toffee was born on 12/13/2008 with two sisters. Mom was a AKC registered pug. Dad was something resembling a slightly wrinkled terrier or at least that was the description given to the ASPCA when the puppies were dropped at a Houston shelter. The shelter contacted DFW Pug Rescue immediately.

Toffee's sisters were adopted quickly, because they looked like pugs. Toffee, however has the coloring and wrinkled appearance of a pug and a slight underbite, but the body, longer legs and elongated muzzle of a terrier. She sat in foster care for over two months hoping for a home. If she didn't find a home soon, she would run the risk of going back to the shelter. We had recently moved from central Pennsylvania. We knew we wanted to get a dog sometime within the next couple years and I was hoping for a pug because they make good house dogs and are good with children. (We have a young grandson.) The rescue sites mentioned that it often takes some time for puppies or young dogs to appear on their lists, so I signed up for their waiting list. I also checked the box yes that asked if I'd consider a pug mix. We received a call within a week directing us to Toffee's photo on their website. I fell in love with that sad little face at once. She is loving and full of energy. She loves to do tricks and has a very happy personality despite her sad sack look. We love her dearly, she is our baby.

Toffee's DNA results are:
  • Level 1: Pug
  • Level 5: Schnauzer
Thank you for all your help!

Atascocita, TX

Monday, February 8, 2010


I adopted Charlie from a rescue group and he was labeled a shepherd/lab mix. Since he only grew to be about 50 pounds, he was too small for either of those breeds, so I wondered what else was mixed in there and purchased one of the kits to find out. I was very surprised to get his results back:
  • Leve 2 - Border Collie
  • Level 3 - Siberian Husky
  • Level 4 - Brittany Spaniel
  • Level 4 - Italian Greyhound
  • Level 5 - Bulldog
It was fun getting the test results back and trying to figure out what traits he got from each dog.

Troy, MI

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The results of Ramsay's DNA were:
  • Level 2 - Schnauzer
  • Level 3 - Shih Tzu
We got him from Animal-aid of Fort Lauderdale . He was picked up by animal control in Miami and Animal-aid rescued him the day before he was going to be put down which was June 21, 2008. When we went to see him he was completely bald as he had a skin infection so we had no idea what he was going to look like but he has turned out to be a wonderful dog with a great character.

Kind regards,
Jane & David