Saturday, December 28, 2013

New! Proof of Parentage 6-Pack

The Proof of Parentage test is used by conscientious dog breeders who want to certify the offspring of their puppies. What that means is that they submit a DNA test for the dam, the sire, and each puppy which then determines if the puppy is the offspring of that dam and sire combination.

This is beneficial for certifying that the puppies come from AKC-registered parents and because some breeders will dual-sire the dam so the Proof of Parentage test can determine which sire fathered each of the puppies. Also, occasionally a rogue male will enter a pen so they use the Proof of Parentage test to make certain the puppy is not from an undesirable male.

Many breeders purchase the Proof of Parentage 12-pack which is a whopping 20% discount off of the individual price ($19.95 vs. $24.95/ea.). They often will purchase individual tests for subsequent litters but we often get asked if we can provide discounts in smaller quantities. Therefore we created the Proof of Parentage 6-pack which is 10% or $22.50/each.

Proof of Parentage 6-Pack

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