Friday, May 27, 2016

Willow the Squashbuckler!

When I was out walking my sweet girl through our urban neighborhood, I looked down and saw she was hauling off a squash she sneakily poached from a neighbor's front-yard garden. We bee lined it back to our front porch where I let her eat (much of) it. She is SO cute!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Building on the tremendous success of their previous Wisdom Panel dog breed tests, Mars Veterinary just launched the fourth iteration - Wisdom Panel 4.0.

The Wisdom Panel 4.0 Canine DNA Test provides you with information to plan for your dog’s unique nutrition, training and even healthcare. Results provide you with:
  1. Ancestry back to the great-grandparent level
  2. A predicted weight profile
  3. Information about the physical traits your dog may exhibit
  4. Testing for the MDR1 genetic mutation
  5. Testing for Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC)
Wisdom Panel 4.0 canine dna test