Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Three Dogs


The gray dog is Bella and the black dog is Coal. We got them 2 yrs ago from what we thought was a breeder but turned out to be a puppy mill. Bella has a lot of health problems from the puppy mill but Coal does not and he and her were suppose to be brother and sister as you can see they are not.

ChiChi is the tan. We pulled her out by her tail from under a cave in 2004 and was my dad's baby before he died in 2004.

Level 2: Schnauzer
Level 4: Poodle
Level 4: Maltese
Level 4: Boston Terrier

Level 2: Schnauzer
Level 4: Beagle
Level 4: Poodle
Level 5: German Shorthaired Pointer
Level 5: Keeshond

Level 3: Akita
Level 3: Pug
Level 4: Belgian Tervuren
Level 4: Chow Chow
Level 4: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Jackson, KY

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hooper said...

We had to put Bella down Saturday the 20th because the people we got her from inbreed her parents to give her a very bad back that you would see in alot older dog and she was only 2yrs old so if you ever go to scottsville ky do not buy a dog from barbaras little friends kennel that's also the name of there website