Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hi there!

I wanted to share our DNA results for our dog Zuki. We got her from a rescue when she was 9 weeks old; she is now 8 months. The rescue's best guess of her breed was Australian Shepherd/Shih Tzu. Her sisters looked more like a Shih Tzu, while she had more of an appearance of an Aussie. As she grew, we continued to think of various breeds she could consist of, not sure what to tell people when asked what kind of dog she was (a VERY common question). We began wondering if she had some corgi in her due to her short legs and long body. Friends had also mentioned husky, but with her mostly solid coloring, semi-floppy ears, and small stature, we didn't think it was likely.

She is currently about 23 pounds, loves people and children, but does suffer from some "Small Dog Syndrome".

Results showed her to be:
  • Level 1: Siberian Husky
  • Level 3: Lhasa Apso
I guess that explains her love for the 8 inches of snow that just fell, vibrant blue eyes, thick water-repelling coat, and big furry "snowshoe" paws!

Thanks for finally determining what our little mix is!

Maeta and Tyler
Red Wing, MN