Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi Happy Dog DNA,

I wanted to tell you a little about my dog Bella, and also the results from her DNA test! To make a long story short, Bella was a dog-sitting job that was supposed to be for a weekend, but turned into forever. Of course I wouldn't have it any other way. She is my best friend and I can't imagine what my life would be like without her.

I always knew she was a lab mix, I just never knew what she was mixed with. I have to say, the results from the test totally blew me away! Her results were:
  • Level: 3 Afghan Hound
  • Level: 3 Labrador Retriever
  • Level: 4 Boxer
  • Level: 4 Poodle
  • Level: 5 Basenji
  • Level: 5 Greyhound
Wow, the two breeds I never in a million years would have guessed would be Boxer and Basenji. When I read about the Basenji on your website, I learned that they groom themselves like cats, and Bella has always done that! I always thought it was just a weird habit of hers, but now I see that it comes from way back in her ancestor's heritage!

This test was so fun and interesting, and I'm happy to now know where some of her personality traits come from. (I'm also guessing the reason she is so smart is cause she is both Poodle and Lab!) Anyway thanks so much for a great and affordable product, Bella and I are both very pleased!

The Grahams
Johnstown, PA

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



This is Jade, we adopted her from the Irvine animal shelter in July of 2009 when she was a little over a year old. Jade was labeled as a "third chance dog" which means she was adopted and returned twice and had a third chance to find a home. We immediately fell in love with her! She is so sweet and loving and just wants to be a people-pleaser. Besides who could resist those gentle eyes and big beautiful ears!! We were told that she was, what else but a German Shepherd mix. We all guessed that she was a German Shepherd (ears and body shape), Dalmatian,(coloring) and some black spots), Labrador ( she has webbed feet) and maybe some Bull Terrier or possible Akita (my guess). Her DNA results identified her as a blend of:
  • German Shepherd - Level 2
  • Irish Setter - Level 4
  • Australian Shepherd - Level 5
  • English Springer Spaniel - Level 5
  • Parson Russell Terrier - Level 5
We were so surprised by these results!

Jade has brought so much joy to our lives, we could not have asked for a better friend and companion!!

I would also like to thank you for your excellent customer service. I had accidentally placed an order for two kits within minutes of each other. You immediately thought it was odd and e-mailed to ask if it was an error. You assured me that I would only receive and be billed for one kit. It is very refreshing to have such exceptional customer service!!!!

Thank you again for a fun experience

The Legere Family
Mission Viejo, CA

In The News - Lilly

Sue Green fostered Lilly after she was rescued from a hoarder and eventually adopted her after a lengthy court fight.

Sue guessed that Lilly was mostly Poodle, with Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier. It turns out her guess was almost perfect since her dog DNA test results showed she was mostly Poodle with small amounts of Chihuahua and West Highland White Terrier. Impressive indeed.

Read her story and watch the video WTSP's website: Lilly in the news.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Thank you so much for the DNA results on our dog, Bailey Blue. We adopted Bailey over 4 years ago, and were told he was a Shepherd/Husky mix. We have always been curious as whether that was true or not.

Bailey has brought us great joy, and makes us laugh every day with his crazy antics!

His DNA results are as follows:
  • Level 2 Rottweiler
  • Level 3 Bull dog
  • Level 4 Maltese
  • Level 5 Beagle
Thanks again,
Cyndi and Joe
Bethany, CT

Monday, March 15, 2010



We got our results back about Bella and I thought you may want to hear them and about her. I am actually from Knoxville [Happy Dog DNA's home town]. My husband is in the Air Force so it brought us to Fort Walton,FL. He already had a dog when we got married and i wanted one for myself so i adopted Fancy from a shelter. Not long after i was helping my best friend look for a dog on petfinder and i saw Bella. She was so adorable and so unique I just had to have her. We have wondered since we got her what she is so I finally did this test. She is our little baby.
  • Level 3: Boxer
  • Level 3: Bull Terrier
  • Level 3: Chow Chow
  • Level 4: Beagle
  • Level 4: Chihuahua
Navarre, FL

Friday, March 12, 2010


Dear Happy Dog DNA!!

I am AMAZED at the results of my dog "Dizzy"!! Shocked!!

I got her just short of a year ago and she had been in a rescue shelter for over 4 years. At age 7, she had just given up. Skin and bones and not the greatest personality and most of her teeth worn down to nothing from chewing on the metal bars. I had gone to the shelter, Canine Adoption and Rescue League of Ventura County ( with interest in another dog, but one look at her with those giant ears and I knew she needed off we went.

In the last year she has blossomed into a loving and friendly dog who loves to greet people on her walks and loves to be pet. Although she still is not a fan of many other dogs, with the exception of male pit bulls twice her size!! (She likes bad boys..just like me!!)

It has been a parlor game to guess her breed mix for the last year and we were ALL losers!! I can't get over the results and am so excited about it..all I can say is "WHO KNEW"!!
  • Level 2: Bulldog
  • Level 2: Chow Chow
  • Level 4: Parson Russell Terrier
  • Level 5: Boston Terrier
Thanks for giving me the biggest shock in ages!!

Thanks again and now I know what everyone is getting for Christmas next year!!
Amanda Duchow

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is my second time using your doggy DNA testing. My first furbaby is Elvis. He is posted on the blog in 2009.

We were intrigued about what Priscilla might be. We however had to wait a little longer to splurge on extras for her because we first had to conquer her heart worms. We got Priscilla in June of 2009. She is unique in that she has a brown spot above her left pupil and a brown spot below her right pupil on her blue eyes. Everyone thinks she looks a bit cockeyed at first then they give her a second glance.
  • Siberian Husky: Level 2
  • German Shepherd Dog: Level 4
  • Boxer: Level 5
When we took her for her physical and shots we found out she was heart worm positive and at that moment we had 2 difficult choices. We chose the more expensive but well worth it choice. She is now happy, healthy and completely heart worm free.

She has then energy of a toddler and more abundant love than any dog I've ever met. Elvis and Priscilla are such a match. They cannot be without each other. I am attaching a couple pictures with just Priscilla and a couple with both Elvis and Priscilla. We just recently got to enjoy 12.5 inches of snow in North Texas and they had quite a blast on their first real snow day we've spent together.

Their dad is currently in Iraq and will be home in 2 short months. I know I have attached a lot of photos. We are extremely proud parents of our amazing, wonderful furbabies. We look forward to many, many more years with our babies. They will be coming with us to Germany this fall. I am looking forward to many photo opportunities there. As of their February Vet visit they are both extremely happy and healthy. Elvis is now 65 pounds and Priscilla is 58 pounds.

Thank you so much for your affordable and professional service.

God bless you all!

The Dicksons

Waxahachie, TX

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is Dudley, he is about 12 years old now, he has been with me for 11 of them. I have always called him the happiest bundle of dna I've ever met. And like a lot of the dogs here, everyone sees something different. Here is what we got back:
  • level 4: Airedale Terrier
  • level 4: Boxer
  • level 4: Dachshund
  • level 4: Doberman Pinscher
  • level 4: Maltese
  • level 4: Weimaraner
I see the Dachshund, but never picked out any of the other breeds for him. He is a wonderful mix for sure.

Seattle, WA

Thanks for sending the photos, Sandy. When there are so many breeds detected at low levels (really mixed mutt), it's very difficult to visually detect any one breed but sometimes the breeds are more evident in the dog's behavior.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We got Kennedy from the local humane society when she was 4 years 2 months old. She had been there for 8 months prior after being dropped off by her owners because they couldn't afford to keep her. When my son and I saw her she was howling like a wolf. I thought maybe she was part husky or malamute. We were told she was a German Shepard/mix. Well I was curious about her DNA after we had her for awhile as she was smart, loving and thought she was a lap dog!

She had the tail of a husky and the face of a hound, yet she like to wrangle other dogs by barking near their tail to get them to move. Plus she had a regal quality and was a fast runner. So needless to say we were surprised at the first result. We laughed that she was part Weiner dog even though she was 49 pounds! But after we heard that, and the other results, she finally made complete sense. What a great mix she is!

Her DNA findings:
  • Level 3: Dachshund
  • Level 3: Shetland Sheepdog
  • Level 4: Poodle
  • Level 4: Saluki
  • Level 4: Siberian Husky
Thanks for the fun results!

The Mortimer Family
Huntington Beach, CA

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is Toby.

I was looking for a companion in March of 1998 at the Jackson County, Illinois Humane Society .

I met Toby but thought he was too big. I came back a week later and they told me that though they were "no kill" he was running out of time because he was being kept in a run by himself, due to his habit of knocking down other dogs and sitting on them. I could tell he was not mean...and he was the only dog that did not jump or bark ..he just sat and looked me in the eye I thought big or not he was coming home.

He has lived with me since then in a large fenced back yard with a dog door into the house. Toby is an amazingly well behaved dog and is gentle and friendly with people. You could not ask for a better companion. Due to his size and appearance he is also a good watchdog.
Who would risk a tussle with him...? But he would not hurt anyone. I have seen him carry possums around the yard and turn them loose and follow them as they amble away.

Last fall he was diagnosed with diabetes and while we were stabilizing the insulin regimen cataracts formed and he became blind. Dr. Ben Johnson of St Louis removed the cataracts the end of January this year. The picture
[on table] is the day the post surgery cone came off Toby's neck.

He is about 13 years old now and I don't know how much longer he has ...but he can see and is still happy and enjoys his back yard and keeping me company.

The dna test said he is:
  • Level 2: Boxer
  • Level 2: Chow Chow
It is a really good combination. There is a dog in Spain called a Ca De Bo ( a small mastiff ) which looks very much like Toby but is rare in the U.S.

Carbondale, Illinois