Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gimme some Sugar

We adopted Sugar last May and assumed she was a "Chiweenie". We'd had our dog, Jade, tested through your site and were very surprised but the results. We were shocked by Sugar's!

She is:
  • Level 3 Boxer
  • Level 3 Pekingese
  • Level 4 Chihuahua
  • Level 4 Dachshund
  • Level 4 Shih Tzu
We had to laugh at the Boxer part because she's tiny! But after reviewing the traits all these breeds describe our feisty, funny, loving little Sugar.

Like a Boxer she is highly intelligent, playful, stubborn and sneaky.

Like a Pekingese she is is very affectionate and is a picky eater.

Like a Chihuahua she is attached to me to the point of jealousy and is aggressive toward other breeds (which is funny to watch).

Like a Dachshund she is clever, tenacious and can be manipulative and can be quick to growl (but never bite).

Like a Shih Tzu she is spunky, happy, very affectionate and needs to be around people.

She's is also the most vocal dog I've ever known...not barking but all sorts of sounds, sighing, moaning, little happy sounds...oh and she snores!

Mission Viejo, CA

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bailey, Sula and Rocco

We were pleased and surprised by the results on our three shelter rescue dogs.

Bailey, to our great surprise, is a total designer dog.
How he ended up in the shelter, we don't know.

Sula, who we thought was a lab/pit mix turns out to be:
She's an angel in the house, but alarmingly dog-aggressive.

Rocco, guestimated as a lab/german shepherd cross, is actually:
He's a tall, rangy, athletic dog--which doesn't really follow from this genetic profile...

So, our two "lab mixes" are not labs at all!

This was fun. Thanks.

Cornwall, Vermont

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kojak. Who loves ya, baby?


Wow! We were shocked! We got Kojak from the pound and we were told he was a lab/boxer mix. Our vet said he was more “bully”/ lab /hound mix, but who would have guessed this? It was fun to find out his breeds! Most importantly, we love our mixed up mixed breed dog!
Raleigh, NC