Tuesday, September 14, 2010


When my fiance and I adopted Myla from the shelter at 10 weeks old, the description read "Boxer mix". We could definitely tell she had Boxer in her, but we weren't sure to what extent and what else she could be mixed with. Some people had guessed Lab or Mastiff because of her hair and huge paws. Attached is a picture of Myla as a puppy and Myla now (at 1 year old).

Here are Myla's results:
  • Level 1: Boxer
  • Level 4: Chow Chow
We are very pleased with Myla's results and surprised by the Chow Chow. We definitely plan on sending our 2nd pup's DNA results away to you very soon.

Thank you!
Dundalk, MD

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is Gus who is now a 1 year old rescue. Boy were we shocked with part of his results. We easily saw the German Shepherd but the Poodle was a stunner, however now we see it in his height, and long face. He is a great dog, full of energy, loves to be active. Thanks for solving our guessing game and the good service. His results were,
  • Level 3: German Shepherd Dog
  • Level 3: Poodle
  • Level 4: Siberian Husky
  • Level 5: Chihuahua
  • Level 5: Pug
Quite the interesting mix.

Thanks again,
John & Denise
North Montpelier, VT

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Thanks for letting us know what our mixed breed dog had in him. I have attached a photo of Barley, who we found out is mostly Border Collie/German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd. WE love his mix and he is such a great dog. We get compliments on him wherever he goes.

Thanks for the quick and easy DNA test.

Steamboat Springs, CO