Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We adopted Barkley in Oct of 2006 from Labs4rescue. We wanted a second Lab. But soon we suspected there was something different about Barkley. For one, he had a longer snout then our other lab, and this strangely curly tail that we could not figure out. More so in our yard, he was not at all interested in retrieving anything, but would rather scout the perimeter and patrol in case, well, any unsuspecting tiny furry creature dare to walk onto his turf. He is especially alert since our son was born. So we figured German Shepherd/lab, maybe hound mix. He loves to "track". I must say i was shocked when I got the results, he is surely a lab mix I thought, after all he looks mostly like one.

Barkley's results :
  • Level 3: German Shepherd Dog
  • Level 4: Boston Terrier
  • Level 4: Chinese Shar Pei
  • Level 4: Dalmatian
  • Level 5: English Springer Spaniel
  • Level 5: Parson Russell Terrier
No Lab at all!

He is such a gentle, loving protective soul. He has a place with our family forever.

Thanks for the quick delivery too! This has been alot of fun!

Mike and Jill
Southbury, CT

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dear Happy Dog,

This is our second dog tested by Happy Dog DNA. Our mixed breed, Apollo, was tested last May and our results are posted on your site. We recently adopted another puppy--we now have three. Marlee joined us after a visit to a local animal rescue. When we saw her striped face, we couldn't resist. The only information offered about her was that her Mom appeared to be a black lab mix. We made a lot of guesses about her parentage, and most were wrong. As we watch her grow (and change), we can see bits and pieces of each breed emerging. Here are her results:
  • Level 3: Labrador
  • Level 3: Shar Pei
  • Level 4: Boston Terrier
  • Level 4: German Shepherd
  • Level 4: Maltese
  • Level 4: Poodle
Here are pictures for your viewing pleasure and amusement! She really is a clown!

Jim, Pat, and Marlee

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi Happy Dog DNA,

I just wanted to say that I am so happy I ordered your Canine DNA test kit, my curiosity over the last 1-1/2 years was driving my husband mad and know I know!

We adopted Payton at 8 weeks old from a Rescue Shelter and knew he was a Labrador Retriever Mix. As Payton grew I would tell my husband he's a Lab/Pit mix or a Lab/Bulldog mix, or a Lab/something mix. Each time I came home from the dog park, I was convinced Payton was a different breed from the previous visit.

I came across your website when researching Canine DNA test on the web and let me tell you my husband said "DNA tests are such a scam!" But I ordered your DNA swab kit anyway. The kit is very easy to use and Payton's results arrived in four weeks.

Both my husband and I were SURPRISED at the results...
  • Level 2: Labrador Retriever
  • Level 2: Rhodesian Ridgeback
WOW! The Lab we knew. But what is a Rhodesian Ridgeback? After doing some research on the RR breed, we were able to see the breed physical and personality characteristics.

Thank you Happy Dog DNA. I know have fulfilled my curiosity and my husband has peace again (and a believer of Canine DNA tests).

Check out pictures of Payton as he has grown and you will see both the Lab & RR in him.

Thanks again!

Diane & Tom
Orland Park, IL

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Staffordshire Terrier - new!

Good news for all of our customers asking about AmStaff mutts: American Staffordshire Terrier was recently added to the dog DNA breed list bringing the number of certified breeds to 64 which makes up over 92% of the USA dog population.

Check out the new breed list here.

Happy Dog DNA, helping you get to know your pet a little better.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Happy and shocked about our DNA results!!

We recently had a DNA test done on our super-mutt Sophie! We were sure she was a Siberian Husky/Greyhound Mix. Our results were:
  • Level 1: Labrador Retriever
  • Level 4: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Level 5: Dachshund!!
We were shocked but now it makes perfect sense! She loves water; but has no idea she is 85 pounds! She loves to cuddle and is velcro on me anytime I am sitting down! We could not be more pleased!

Thanks Happy Dog DNA!! Please feel free to post this on your blog. She would love the publicity : )

Kristen M.,
Little Rock, AR