Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We were so amazed when we received the results of the DNA test on my daughter’s dog, Zoe. She is a rescue dog that we got from a local shelter. They told us that they knew the mother was an Australian Shepherd. We had many people try to guess for a very long time as to what Zoe was. She is a very funny dog and had some interesting characteristics. We had a lot of laughs when we got the results back. It is also helped us and our vet to understand where some of her health problems came from. We are very glad that we had her tested!
  • Level 3: Chinese Shar Pei, German Shepherd
  • Level 4: Boxer, Mastiff
  • Level 5: Labrador Retriever, Pekingese, Poodle
The Smith’s – Crystal, Barr and Abby


Kaiti said...

She's so CUTE
I love your dog!

She take's such good picture
It really look's like she looking at the camera!

Zoe is the perfect name

Your Best Friend Forever

Kaiti said...

I love your dog
she awesome