Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chloe Elizabeth


And thanks so much for your great service - we're delighted!

We adopted Chloe when a friend moved out of the country. He'd adopted Chloe a couple years earlier, and everyone, even the vets, thought she was a lab-akita mix. Since she has absolutely no interest in retrieving, we thought that couldn't be right... When she showed an aggressive streak against other dogs, we thought maybe something more aggressive? But - wow! Level 3: Newfoundland, and then Level 4's and 5's in 4 toy breeds, with a little Basset Hound and Siberian Husky for good measure. Amazing! I call her the Newfietoy now. We're all giggling at the thought of a mixed-toy breed Basset Hound falling for a Newfie-Husky mix. Maybe her aggression is from an over-confident little Westie in her heritage?

Chloe is 24 inches at the shoulder, and 45 inches from nose to the base of her 15 inch long tail. She weighs in at 62 lbs, and has had the ACLs repaired in both knees. She's a big girl, and an absolute sweetheart who has never met a human she didn't love on first sight, but is not known for playing well with other dogs. She is very territorial and protective, but would love to play with our cat.

Thanks again letting us learn a little more about our girl Chloe!

Molly and Chris

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