Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Dog

The dog-loving world and just about everyone else has been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Obama family’s pick for First Dog. Malia’s allergy concerns have been much publicized so it seems clear that they can’t pick just any ol’ dog. But their early interest in selecting a shelter dog generated much-needed attention for shelters across the country and probably around the world.

The latest buzz is that they’ve narrowed it down to the Portuguese Water Dog. While it may be possible that they’ll find a purebred PWD at a rescue or a shelter, it’s much more likely that they’ll have to go to a breeder for this one. A PWD may prove to be a wonderful dog for them but there are many, many shelter dogs that could also be the perfect dog for them. Their chance to profoundly promote and stimulate dog adoptions is now. Yes, they can!

Happy Dog DNA sent the Obama girls a DNA breed ID test a couple weeks ago. For several days, the tracking information said, “Notice was left. If package is not picked up, it will be returned to the sender.” We’re picturing a “Delivery Attempted” note stuck to the front gate of the White House, fluttering in the winter winds. After several days in limbo, it was finally delivered. Now, if it just makes it through the Secret Service screening…

A letter was included with the DNA test urging the Obama’s to make a strong statement by using the test to help select a shelter dog which would encourage others to do the same thing. Heck, the girls wore J. Crew and their sales got a nice little bump – and their stock price shot up over 16% within three days of the inauguration. What they could do for shelter dogs would be much more powerful and lasting.

If we hear back from the White House, you’ll be the first to know.

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