Friday, March 27, 2009


Here is a photo of RJ with his original family and a photo with his stuffed bear. What a cutie!

RJ's owners purchased their DNA test from


We just received the DNA results for our puppy, RJ. We adopted him from a rescue shelter where the mother had come in pregnant and delivered at the shelter. The shelter staff thought they were probably black lab/Australian shepherd mix puppies and even mentioned possibly Rotweiller based on their coloring. We thought our puppy was blue heeler/Australian cattle dog and so did our vet. We were sure surprised when we got the result. He isn't any of the things people thought. He is level 2 Boston terrier, level 3 Border collie and level 4 Italian greyhound. Check out his picture. Who would have guessed!

RJ's Family

RJ's DNA Test Results:
  • Boston Terrier: Level 2
  • Border Collie: Level 3
  • Italian Greyhound: Level 4

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Brian said...

The bio pet DNA test does not include blue healers so he could be a cattle dog.