Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Occasionally, we at Happy Dog DNA get asked if DNA testing really works. Sometimes a customer doesn't have any idea what their mixed-breed mutt is but we have many, many stories of happy customers who know what one breed is but aren't sure of the others. Here is another story that confirms that the results are indeed accurate. Thanks to Jenesa for sending Max's photos and sharing his story.


We just got our DNA results for Max and boy were we surprised! We adopted Max from a shelter when he was just 8 weeks old. We already knew he had schnauzer in him because we saw his mom, but we were told that his dad was probably a Labrador Retriever. We thought it was likely since he has such big feet and a long tail. We were shocked to find out that he actually has no lab in him, but he's part bulldog! After reading the summary of the Bulldog breed, we knew it was absolutely right because of some personality traits he has. He is such a great dog, really smart, and we love him! Here he is at 8 weeks old, and then at 6 months old.


Max's DNA Test Results:
  • Schnauzer: Level 1
  • Bulldog: Level 4

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