Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oliver... with a twist!

Here are some wonderful photos of Oliver: the day he was adopted and the five months later in a photo studio. Looking good, Oliver. Looking good.

The following is a note from Oliver's owner, Annie:

I adopted Oliver Klozehoff 5 months ago from the shelter, they had him labeled as Shih Tzu, 14 lbs, and approximately 3 years old. Many of my friends suggested that he was part poodle because although he has a very soft coat, it starts to curl towards his lower back/tail. And finally, after being asked time after time from strangers "What kind of dog is he?", I finally started calling him a Jackapoo because everyone was SO SURE that he had a small terrier breed in him. But then I started having my doubts again when we met a Lhasapoo at the dog park that looked almost identical to Oliver.

Here are his results:
  • Poodle: Level 2
  • Bichon Frise: Level 4
  • Dachshund: Level 4
  • English Setter: Level 4
  • Golden Retriever: Level 4
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback: Level 4
To my surprise, there was no terrier but rather a lot of big dog breeds in his test results! He is only 14 lbs! Attached are two pictures. One professional picture that was taken recently and the other where he is behind bars at the shelter just prior to being adopted.

Portland, OR

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