Saturday, November 20, 2010


I was so excited to learn the heritage of my rescue dog Roxie-- she is a very interesting dog. She had been abused and neglected and was a traumatized little six-eight month old dog when I got her from half way across the country. She would not eat out of my hand or lay on the couch with me for about nine months. I got another dog to be her friend and teach her how to be around humans. She is now a very loving and loyal dog. Even when she would not come near me voluntarily, she attacked any other dog who came near me uninvited. She also, surprisingly after her initial fear, loves to be the center of attention and will lay down in the middle of a large group of people and look up with a smile. I would love to know why she is so attracted to water-- she seeks it out and will go into a puddle or stream or lake and immediately lay in it! Shar Peis and Afghans, I thought, do not much like water… She is an adult now and almost 30 pounds-- up from 22.
  • Level 2: Chinese Shar-Pei
  • Level 3: Afghan Hound
Bangor, ME

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Anonymous said...

I have several Afghan Hounds who LOVE the water - Tova, the dam, used to leap into our pool...her son Wally loves to sink below and peer out like an alligator...her son JJ is a water baby...daughter Mimmy ditto. Even son Eddy likes to play. My very first Afghan Hound used to love to walk into Lake Travis (in Texas) and stand there - crazy Ludo! (Stir, Mosso Afghan Hounds)