Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Gunny has silver fur, grey eyes, and webbed feet

Extremely long-limbed

.... and ready to run at any opportunity!

Hi There!

Just want to share our results with everyone.

Gunny is our shelter dog. We adopted him at 8 weeks old, and were told that he was a Lab/Chow mix. After 6 months of friends and well-wishers offering their opinion of what Gunny's lineage is (lab, Pit Bull, German Shepherd) we decided to get your DNA test.

And boy are we surprised!

Here it is:
  • Level 3: Borzoi
  • Level 3: Bassett Hound (!!)
  • Level 4: Yorkshire Terrier (!!)
  • Level 4: New Foundland
  • Level 4: Chow Chow
Go Figure!

Thanks for everything.

Lyn and Bird
Rembert, SC

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