Friday, November 19, 2010


Gus is a wonderful, lovey dog who came to me from a rescue organization in September 2006. I believed from appearances he was Border Colllie-Corgi, but found out through your DNA testing that he is a Sheltie! Also a bit of Belgian Tervuren and Short-Haired German Pointer. Hence the over-size paws and thick short legs that are a bit bowed from the weight, I think. He is 35 pounds and struggling to lose at least 5! He is a very loving and loyal, submissive dog. I have had him trimmed very short due to the heat and ticks in the summer in Maine. He has a great nose, but unfortunately will not back down from a skunk!

Results were:
  • Sheltland Sheepdog: Level 1
  • Belgian Tervuren: Level 5
  • German Short-Haired Pointer: Level 5
Bangor, ME

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patriot44 said...

Love your story. What a cute dog. I will do the DNA test as soon as Christmas is over. Money:)