Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Toffee was born on 12/13/2008 with two sisters. Mom was a AKC registered pug. Dad was something resembling a slightly wrinkled terrier or at least that was the description given to the ASPCA when the puppies were dropped at a Houston shelter. The shelter contacted DFW Pug Rescue immediately.

Toffee's sisters were adopted quickly, because they looked like pugs. Toffee, however has the coloring and wrinkled appearance of a pug and a slight underbite, but the body, longer legs and elongated muzzle of a terrier. She sat in foster care for over two months hoping for a home. If she didn't find a home soon, she would run the risk of going back to the shelter. We had recently moved from central Pennsylvania. We knew we wanted to get a dog sometime within the next couple years and I was hoping for a pug because they make good house dogs and are good with children. (We have a young grandson.) The rescue sites mentioned that it often takes some time for puppies or young dogs to appear on their lists, so I signed up for their waiting list. I also checked the box yes that asked if I'd consider a pug mix. We received a call within a week directing us to Toffee's photo on their website. I fell in love with that sad little face at once. She is loving and full of energy. She loves to do tricks and has a very happy personality despite her sad sack look. We love her dearly, she is our baby.

Toffee's DNA results are:
  • Level 1: Pug
  • Level 5: Schnauzer
Thank you for all your help!

Atascocita, TX

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