Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ever since we got Zion from the NV animal shelter, we have always wondered about her true heritage. The shelter listed her as a 4 month old Rottweiler mix. We thought the coloring looked correct for the breed, so we went with it for 7 months. Fortunately, I found your product and was ecstatic that it would be so affordable to solve her mystery. Zion's results were:
  • Level 1: Boxer
  • Level 4: Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Level 5: Greyhound
We were blown away by the results, yet they were RIGHT on! All of her habits, nuances, and body type now make sense, and her hair color explained. She even has a perfect inverted cross on her chest like the Bernese Mtn Dog should, which we thought was just a cute marking up until then. Never would we have guessed that we got an almost purebred dog from the pound! Zion is an amazing dog and constantly uses her paws to play (like a boxer), yet can be a bit timid at times. Now whether that is the Greyhound in her, or its the side effect of being a pound puppy is still a mystery, but now we are confident when people ask what breed she is due to your test. We have told everyone we know about your test kits and will be ordering more for our other pound puppy Tahoe (tan German Shepherd mix), and our Husky, Hudson. Thank you for the entertainment and we will be back for more!

Ellen - Las Vegas, NV

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