Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Timmy's owner guessed Maltepoo but it turns out he's more Pomepoo...senji.

I just received the DNA results on Timmy and was very surprised. Five years ago I adopted this sweet adult dog and was told that he was probably a Maltepoo. Everyone who meets him either asks what he is or offers their opinion as to breed. I accepted that he was a Maltepoo but was still very curious. I was very shocked to see that he is Pomeranian, Poodle and Basenji with not Maltese in the mix. He's a very sweet tempered, loyal, loving dog. What the picture doesn't show is if I don't keep him clipped his fur will grow out and reach the floor (that's why we thought Maltese).

Thank you very much!

Valerie (and Timmy)

Timmy's DNA test results:

  • Pomeranian: Level 2
  • Poodle: Level 3
  • Basenji: Level 4
Thank you Valerie!

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