Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We adopted Barkley in Oct of 2006 from Labs4rescue. We wanted a second Lab. But soon we suspected there was something different about Barkley. For one, he had a longer snout then our other lab, and this strangely curly tail that we could not figure out. More so in our yard, he was not at all interested in retrieving anything, but would rather scout the perimeter and patrol in case, well, any unsuspecting tiny furry creature dare to walk onto his turf. He is especially alert since our son was born. So we figured German Shepherd/lab, maybe hound mix. He loves to "track". I must say i was shocked when I got the results, he is surely a lab mix I thought, after all he looks mostly like one.

Barkley's results :
  • Level 3: German Shepherd Dog
  • Level 4: Boston Terrier
  • Level 4: Chinese Shar Pei
  • Level 4: Dalmatian
  • Level 5: English Springer Spaniel
  • Level 5: Parson Russell Terrier
No Lab at all!

He is such a gentle, loving protective soul. He has a place with our family forever.

Thanks for the quick delivery too! This has been alot of fun!

Mike and Jill
Southbury, CT

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