Monday, November 23, 2009


We received Remy's DNA results recently and were somewhat surprised to find he was exactly the breeds we were originally told he was. We were told his mother was a miniature Poodle and his father was a Pomeranian. Both supposedly weighed 7 pounds so when Remy grew into 18 pounds we were sure some other breeds must be at work; even our vet thought there was some Border Collie in there. So when we our family received the results we had to laugh to find he was EXACTLY what we had been told last year when he came to our home as a puppy. His results are:
  • Level 1: Pomeranian
  • Level 3: Poodle
People ask what breed of dog he is and are usually doubtful he is a Pomapoo, but now we have proof! Today Remy went to the groomer's and I told them about your website and the DNA test and they had no idea that testing could be done. I wrote down your web address for them so they can let other customers know as well.

Winnemucca, NV

Thank you, Donna, for sharing Remy's photos and for spreading the good word about!

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