Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Jewel is quite the fighter!

Hi guys!

We adopted Jewel from a local shelter and they had her labeled as a Lab mix. Our vet felt she was a lab mix who was going to max out at 50lbs. Before I get to her results, let me tell you about Jewel. Three days after we brought her home she was diagnosed with Parvo. After an exhausting week of Subq fluids, antibiotics, and nausea meds, Jewel started getting better. A week later she was diagnosed with Pneumonia and possibly Distemper. She is our baby and we refused to give up on her and I am happy to report that she isn't giving up either. She is once again acting like a puppy, eating, and drinking well. So, let that be a lesson to not give up on your furkids!

OK, so on to the stuff you really want to know. Jewel has no Lab in her whatsoever!
  • Boston Terrier: Level 2
  • Saluki: Level 3
  • Italian Greyhound: Level 5
I am attaching two different pictures [only one image shown - Ed]. The first one is the day we adopted her [shown] and the second is today. She has lost a bit of weight but we are on the right track and looking forward to spoiling her rotten for the rest of her life.

Thank you for your product! We are thrilled to know where she came from, even if we were quite surprised!

Lillian, Tammy, Carrie, Connor, & Niklas

Thank you Carrie and Family!

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