Monday, April 27, 2009


We recently adopted Balto from a rescue society. We told them we wanted a medium-sized poodle mix. They recommended Balto, saying he wasn't a poodle, but a schnauzer-terrier mix that would fit our family well. We adopted him and he did fit us perfectly, but we were still curious to see exactly what kind of mutt he was. He had been a stray, so he had no known family history at all. We were sure he was about 50% schnauzer, but couldn't figure out the rest. Imagine our surprise when we got his results!

  • Poodle: Level 2
  • Boston Terrier: Level 4
  • Papillon: Level 4
  • Shih Tzu: Level 4

So we got our poodle mutt after all! And what a surprising mix for a medium-sized 26-pound dog! This will start many interesting conversations.


Thank you, Leigh!

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