Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Carley - The Choweilab

We just got the results back from Carley's DNA test. We were completely surprised! We didn't care what she was, but she is the perfect dog in the world and everyone we know wants a dog like her- not likely to happen! Now if we could only figure out why she is only 30 lbs! Thank you so much for the information!!!


Carley's results:
  • Chow Chow: Level 2
  • Weimaraner: Level 3
  • Labador Retriever: Level 5
Thank you Megan!


Katy B said...

Carley, you are famous!!! Raja and Wally will be jealous!

Kristy said...

Can I call Carley "Chow Chow"?! :) What an interesting mix! So cute! And you're right, that would be a hard one to duplicate! She's one of a kind!

Bren / Grandma 2 B said...

Carly is the cutest, sweetest dog in the world!! I would never have guessed any of the breeds in her! Wish there was a way to clone the little punkin!!