Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bailey, Sula and Rocco

We were pleased and surprised by the results on our three shelter rescue dogs.

Bailey, to our great surprise, is a total designer dog.
How he ended up in the shelter, we don't know.

Sula, who we thought was a lab/pit mix turns out to be:
She's an angel in the house, but alarmingly dog-aggressive.

Rocco, guestimated as a lab/german shepherd cross, is actually:
He's a tall, rangy, athletic dog--which doesn't really follow from this genetic profile...

So, our two "lab mixes" are not labs at all!

This was fun. Thanks.

Cornwall, Vermont

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AnimalSmile said...

Surprisingly, they have such deeper and different kind of bloodlines. Great job on knowing their DNA and right breed to know their possible temperament.