Monday, February 21, 2011


Dear Happy Dog,

I have owned 2 German Shepherds that were both adopted as young adults from our local shelter. (Tucker lived to be 16 and Freya died at 3 from a brain tumor.) It took awhile to want to get another dog and as a family we decided that we wanted to experience raising a puppy. I feel like a fool now, but here is my story.

I searched Craigslist for a puppy. I didn't want a purebred, but I did want a German Shepherd mix. I found the most adorable puppy and was told by the owner that Momma was a PURE BRED shepherd and Dad was a Lab/Shep mix. She charged me $100.00 and I was responsible for the vet and shots, etc.

At 8 weeks old, we picked up our precious "Thorito" (Little Thor) and brought him home. He looked just as I imagined a GSD pup to look like, but after about 2 months I began to wonder. I thought, he looks like a Golden Retriever....and then a few weeks later....a Chow and slowly when his ears weren't standing up and his color changed and he stopped growing, I knew....very sadly, that I had been completely lied to. So we wondered, what is Thor?.

I found your web-site and ordered your test. As the weeks clicked by, waiting for the results, I posted pictures of Little Thor on Facebook telling my friends this story and playfully asking everybody "What breed is Thorito?" - Well I could not have been more shocked when they came! And everybody got a kick out of learning the DNA results of Thor. He was:

The joke was: "He is everything but a Shepherd....but shhhhh, don't tell him, he thinks he is." We love our dog very much and will love him forever, but I had wanted the German Shepherd because I knew the breed and I wanted a dog that looked like a watch dog also. Thor is 17 inches tall and 35 lbs. He may be small, but he is mighty. I hope others learn from my story....People will bold-face lie to you, to get a few bucks. I am very trust worthy and it bums me out, but I did end up with an adorable little dog.

Good luck with your test - I think it was worth it!

Huntington Beach, CA

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