Monday, October 4, 2010


I have been passionate about Brittanys since I first owned my 5 year old Brittany named Freckles. Freckles was a purebred puppy that was sold to someone who later realized that they could not properly care for her. Long story short: I adopted her just before she became desperately ill with Parvo and intestinal parasites. I paid for her treatments, vaccines, spay, etc and she was able to find a "forever home" in my heart. Freckles is such a wonderful dog with such an amazing personality and she reminds me everyday how special Brittanys are.

This past summer I moved into my first place and thought that it would be nice for Freckles to have some company at home while I was working or at school during the day, It was just a simple thought- I hadn't been actively searching for another dog, but out of the blue this wonderful, handsome, and very sweet doggie ended up at the vet clinic where I worked. His name was Remy and he was an owner surrender to be examined so that he could be sent to a rescue. I immediately fell in love and planned to take him home the next day. He tested positive for heartworms, had a heavy intestinal parasite load, and needed to be neutered. I took him home got his treatments underway and he has become a wonderful part of my family.

Knowing how much I love Brittanys and their personalities I knew that I wanted to have Remy tested. He showed many physical traits of a Brittany or a Springer but something wasn't quite all there. His personality and protective tendencies made me question whether he was even mixed with a Brittany at all.

I was very happy and enlightened to find that his results were:
  • Level 2: Brittany
  • Level 4: Springer
  • Level 4: Doberman
His results definitely made alot of sense and I was so thrilled to find out that he was mostly Brittany.You can see alot of the Springer physical characteristics, but the Doberman in the mix definitely helps explain his high prey drive and extreme protectiveness over me. The funny thing is that after-the-fact I can actually see some of the slight Doberman markings above his eyebrows and on his cheeks.

Pikeville, NC

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