Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Phoebe

Meet Phoebe: 8 months old.

Level 2: American Staffordshire Terrier
Level 3: Boxer
Level 4: Chow Chow

Miss Phoebe's a happy little puppy who lives right near the water. She absolutely loves the beach and going swimming. Very social and incredibly loving... with both dogs and humans. She is very intelligent, and picks up tricks on the second of third try, she can even read her name when presented two different words!

Her results were not a surprise at all, except for the chow chow. The 2 odd things about her results are they don't explain her very small size, considering all 3 of those breeds are fairly large. She's about 8 months old, but most people still think she is about 3 months old. Also, she absolutely loves the beach, swimming, and anything to do with the water. Her feet are webbed, yet none of these breeds explain her love for the water, and her great ability to swim. If anyone has any insight on this please feel free to comment!

Thanks Happy Dog DNA!

Charleston, SC

P.S. Phoebe was a rescue from our local shelter. Only the best dogs come from the shelters!

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mona said...

great looking dog