Saturday, June 5, 2010


We adopted Mason from an SPCA in Virginia, having no clue what he could be mixed with. As he grew, it became obvious he had lots of Boxer in him, but we were always curious where the long (and shed crazy) hair came from. He loves to rough house, chase balls and snuggle as close as possible. Mason rarely barks and joyfully welcomes visitors. He's been a joy and we are happy to know his ancestry!

Our results revealed:
  • Level 2: Boxer
  • Level 4: Borzoi
  • Level 4: Chow Chow
  • Level 4: Golden Retriever
  • Level 4: Basset Hound
Mason's just an awesome dog!!!


Schwenksville, PA

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Jan said...

Mason's looks, personality and location seems as though he would be part Mountain Cur. Locals call the Cur a "Coon Dog." Revered by hunters. Mine "hunts" and retrieves tennis balls. Other similar traits include: loves to chase balls, rough house and rarely barks. Check the cur out here:

Good Luck!