Thursday, September 3, 2009


I knew my mutt was part Dalmatian. That much was clear. The spots are a dead giveaway and his neurotic behavior sealed the deal on the Dalmatian front. When people see him on his walks they often say: "Ooohhh, he is so cute. What is he?" I usually say Dalmatian/Hound mix. After a year of wondering what he really was, I bought the kit and swabbed the little guy's cheek to find out. Anxiously awaiting the results, I began guessing what his other half could possibly be. My final guess: Beagle and Pointer. Wrong and wrong. My boyfriend's guess: Pit Bull. Wrong. People on the street said: Blue Heeler, Boxer, and Coonhound. Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Here are Lucky's results:
  • Level 3: Dalmatian, Mastiff(!!!)
  • Level 4: Collie
  • Level 5: American Eskimo Dog, Boston Terrier, Papillion
Huh? Mastiff? He is only 35 pounds - and the vet told him he could stand to lose a few pounds. Collie? He has short black and white fur with spots! So now when people say "Ooohhh, he is so cute. What is he?" I get to respond: "Dalmatian/Mastiff mix!!" and wait for the reaction.

Thank you Happy Dog DNA!

Thank you, Kiley, for sharing Lucky's photos and his results. As we've noted before, the dominant characteristics of a particular breed are not always evident, particularly when they are present at Level 3 and lower. And since Dalmation is pretty clear, it's a safe bet that BioPet Vet Lab correctly identified the other breeds as well.


Cathy said...

And to add a note: Lucky is a rescue dog. Kiley fostered him with the intention of finding him the best home possible. She ended up adopting him herself and I think he does have the best home!
Lucky's Grandma
Cathy Kane

Snoopy's Mom said...

Kudos to Kiley and her boyfriend for rescuing Lucky and giving him such a good home. We recently lost one of our beloved Beagles, Snoopy, and if we decide at some point to get a new companion for Madison our 5-year old Beagle, we will definitely consider a rescue dog.

Lucky is indeed a lucky dog.