Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Dear HappyDogDNA,

I wanted to write and let you know how excited we were to receive our results from the DNA kit we ordered from your website. We had been thinking about getting a dog for some time and talked about wanting a female that had short hair and was mid-sized. We looked at some specific breeds but decided to check out the local animal shelter to see if anything caught our eye. After seeing and meeting Stella, we knew she was the perfect fit for our family! Her breed didn't matter to us but, of course, we were very curious.

The first time we visited her at the shelter, her tag said that she was a "hound mix" but her adoption paperwork said "golden retriever mix" and the vet mentioned "lab, golden, Shepard and some terrier due to her size" (she is about 30 pounds and about knee high). With all of these breeds in the mix, we started to take bets on what Stella might be made up of! We swabbed her cheek, sent off the test and waited only about a week and a half for the results.

I will tell you that NONE of us guessed right on ANY of the breeds!!! Her highest level (level 2) was a Miniature Pinscher! My son googled that breed since I didn't have any idea what they even looked like. He found a picture that looked almost identical to Stella - except the dog in the picture was 12 inches tall and weighed about 10 pounds!! The rest of the mix included all Level 4's: Boxer, Springer Spaniel, Weimaraner and, her dirty little secret, Yorkshire Terrier!

It was SO interesting to find out that all those big dogs and a few little one's make up our beautiful Stella! It is great to know what breeds are in her for the obvious health and behavior reasons but also since almost everyone that meets her asks "what kind of a dog is she?". It is hilarious to say "she is mostly Miniature Pinscher" as she jumps up and licks their face (we are still working on that jumping thing...).

Thank you HappyDog.DNA for sending the test so quickly, for answering all of my questions (since I was nervous about the cheek swab but it was easy as can be) and for providing such a wonderful test! We were so very satisfied with our entire experience and look forward to a life with our new "Miniature Pinscher" mix!!


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