Friday, December 5, 2008

Charley Booger Brown

Charley's proud owner adopted her from Posh Pets Rescue in New York City. Charley's owner says she's quite the jumper so she was curious about what she is. Turns out she's a classic mixed-breed dog with several different breeds in the mix. Charley's owner said she hoped to learn she was a Level 1 or Level two of something but said, "Still, this was fun!"

  • Boston Terrier - Level 3
  • Weimaraner - Level 3
  • Dachsund - Level 4
  • Saint Bernard - Level 4
  • Schnauzer - Level 4

1 comment:

reggi may said...

My Charley Booger Brown is quite
the puzzle! I am amazed and astounded to grasp the listings of so many starkly different dogs that have contributed to the wonderful baby I have. There are no disappointments at all.
Look at this girl, isn't she just
the gift that keeps on giving?!
To think someone "threw her away"
but Posh Pets , yeah, they saved her and I got to adopt her.