Friday, August 1, 2008

Cinder, the Knight Hound!

Occasionally we'll post photos and test results from Happy Dog DNA customers. Here is the first installment.

BioPet Vet Lab analyzed Cinder's DNA and sent back the following results:
  • Italian Greyhound Level 3
  • Chow Chow Level 3
  • Saluki Level 4
  • Poodle Level 4
  • Keeshond Level 4
  • Boston Terrier Level 4

Cinder's owners wrote:

"We were so excited to receive Cinder's test results. We were not surprised to learn that he is truly a mutt...a much loved one. We adopted him from the pound a day before he was to be destroyed. We are the lucky ones, for he has proved to be a happy little dog (30 lbs) and has brought much joy to our lives. We had lost our dog of 17 years and couldn't imagine a home without a dog. From now on, he is officially a "Knight Hound" - definitely one of a kind. Thanks a million."

Thanks to Cinder's owners for sending in the photo and the comments!

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