Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Proliferation of Dog Parks

Did you know that, according to the Humane Society, there are nearly 75-million dogs in the United States? That's more dogs than citizens of the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy or France. Owners of dogs have long needed a comfortable place to take their pets for a walk, a run, a splash in a fountain or simply a place to let there dogs socialize with other dogs. Strict leash laws that are now common in most urban areas are a good thing but they tend to (intentionally) limit a dog's freedom to do what dogs like to do.

Luckily for dog owners, and even non-dog owners, there has been an explosion of new dog parks springing up all over the country. Knoxville, TN, the scruffy little city I call home, has only one dog park inside the Victor Ashe Park. But, the City recently announced plans to build a new dog park inside the Tommy Schumpert Park and at an underutilized triangle of land in downtown adjacent to the Old City. It's hoped that the park will do wonders to alleviate the poop problem around the 100 Block of Gay Street. Now, if only the young hipsters who walk their dogs will go the extra block to the park... and pick up after their pets.

The two new Knoxville dog parks slated for opening in 2008 are made possible by a large contribution from PetSafe, local pet supply manufacturer, who makes dog doors, automatic feeders, wireless fence systems, etc. Hats off to them!

Happy New Year! Try to get to know your pets a little better this year and keep them healthy!

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PA Dogger said...

Little Murrysville, PA is getting a much-needed dog park also due to the generosity of one of its residents: